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PDF to Mobi Converter

Would you like to convert PDF to Mobipocket? Are you going to search a software to help you to realize the conversion from PDF to Mobi? Ok! The PDF to Mobi converter can solve any problem concerning converting PDF to Mobi. In the following, I will tell you what a perfect converter it is.

PDF to Mobi converter is the very PDF to mobipocket conversion tool to convert PDF to mobi. That is to say, you can easily turn PDF files into the format of .mobi with the help of the PDF to Mobi converter. Owning powerful editing functions, PDF to Mobi converter enables you to customize the converted files . So, you can change the information, including author, title, cover of the converted files according to your need. After conversion, the files can be applied to iPad, mobile phone, Sony reader and other mobile device for enjoyment.

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Key Functions of PDF to Mobi Converter

Convert PDF to Mobi format

Convert PDF to ePub format

Freely edit the information of the converted files, such as title, cover, author

Utilize improved non-english encoding



Referring PDF & Mobi

(1) PDF

Namely portable document format, Originally developed by Adobe Systems, PDF is a file format that preserves most attributes (including color, formatting, graphics, and more) of a source document no matter which application, platform, and hardware type was originally used to create it. PDF files can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free software application provided by Adobe Systems. They can also be viewed in most newer web browsers with the appropriate plug-in installed.

(2) Mobi

Mobi is a top-level domain(TLD) in the Domain Name System of the internet. Its name is derived from the adjective mobile, indicating its use by mobile devices for accessing Internet resources via the mobile web.

The domain was approved by ICANN on 11 July 2005, and is managed by the mTLD global registry. It was originally financially backed and sponsored by Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, Vodafone and so on with an executive from each company serving on mTLD's board of directors.